3 Weird Attractions You Have to See in Dayton

Miamisburg Mound

There are lots of great things to do in Centerville, and some of them are a bit … unusual. Make sure your Buick is in good shape before you venture out to these three weird attractions in Kettering!

The Avrocar

The Wright Brothers weren’t the only flight innovators in Kettering. The Avrocar was developed in Canada as part of a Cold War secret U.S. military project during the Cold War. It was intended to be a “flying jeep,” not a vehicle for alien life forms. Except its round shape resembled the flying saucers that were making the news at the time in 1952. After the program was canceled the ship gathered dust for years in storage before it was loaned to the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force in Kettering. It’s on display in their Cold War Gallery.

the Avrocar

The Grave of Johnny Morehouse

Johnny Morehouse’s life in the 1860s was brief. When he was five years old he drowned in the Miami and Erie Canal. His dog pulled him from the water, but was too late. A few days after Johnny was buried in Woodland Cemetery, his faithful dog began a weeks-long vigil at the boy’s graveside. People took him food scraps and water to keep him healthy. Today, people still leave mementos on the grave, which is marked with a gravestone of a dog protectively holding a sleeping boy.

Miamisburg Mound

One of the two largest Native American conical mounds in the eastern United States, Miamisburg Mound in Miamisburg was built by the Adena culture that lived in the area from 800 B.C. to A.D. 100. At one time over 10,000 such mounds existed in the central Ohio Valley, but now only around 1000 remain. The mound is 65 feet tall, and perched on a 100-foot ridge above the Great Miami River, making it visible for miles. Climb the stairs that have been added to the side for a spectacular view from the top.

See All of Kettering’s Attractions in a New Buick!

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