Why Does My Car Shake When Braking?

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You pull up to a stoplight in Kettering and step on the brakes exactly as you should. And for some reason your car responds by shaking to a stop. It’s disconcerting when you have to ask yourself, “Why does my car shake when braking?” Let the service department at Bob Ross Buick GMC help you understand what’s going on.

Why Your Car Trembles When Braking

When your car trembles when braking, there’s a very good chance the problem is with your brakes. Trembling and shaking could be signs that it’s time for some brake maintenance. Here are some other things to listen for when your car shakes when braking:

  • Is there a squealing sound that started before the trembling began? This could mean that your brake pads are wearing out. First they’ll start squealing when they make contact with the rotors to slow the car. If they’re not replaced then, eventually they’ll be worn enough that your car will shake when you engage them.
  • Is there a grinding noise? This could be the rotors. If they’ve been using worn out brake pads, grinding is another sign that your car’s shaking means you’re overdue for new brake pads. It’s important to get your brakes serviced as soon as possible so they don’t fail in Springboro. Contact our service department immediately if you hear grinding noise before your car shakes.

Maybe it’s Not Your Brakes

While brakes and worn brake pads are the most common reason why a car shakes when braking, it’s not the only reason. There’s no way to tell for sure without a professionally trained technician taking a look at your car to find out why your car trembles when braking. That’s why it’s smart to bring your car to Bob Ross Buick GMC and have such problems checked out by our trained technicians.

Learn More About Maintaining Your Car with Bob Ross Buick GMC

A well-informed driver in Bellbrook is a happy driver. We want to keep you happy, so check out our list of overlooked maintenance to make sure you’re doing everything you can to keep your car running at its best. Whether you need brake repairs or a new battery, our service team is here to help!

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