How to Check Car Oil


Every experienced driver knows that your vehicle’s motor oil is the lifeblood of your Buick, GMC vehicle, and it’s essential to ensure there’s enough oil to keep your engine’s internal moving parts protected. Learn more about how to check the oil level in a car, and don’t hesitate to contact our service team if you have any questions along the way.

Learn How to Check the Oil Level in Your Car

Newer cars will have electronic oil monitors instead of traditional dipsticks. It’s good to check your vehicle’s owner’s manual for recommendations. Want to know how to check the car oil manually? Follow these steps below:

  1. Park your car on level ground and make sure the engine is turned off and cold.
  2. Pop the hood and locate the dipstick.
  3. Pull the dipstick out of the engine and wipe any engine oil with a rag or paper towel.
  4. Re-insert the dipstick all the way back into its tube, then pull it out and check both sides to see where the level is.

Traditional dipsticks will have a way to indicate the correct oil level. If the top of your oil streak is between two marks or within a cross-hatched area, the oil level is good. If not, more engine oil is needed.

Of course, check your owner’s manual to see the grade that’s recommended. Remove the oil cap, then add a little bit of oil at a time until the dipstick indicates that you’ve reached the proper level.

Why Check Your Car’s Oil Level?

Checking the oil is often overlooked, but having the right oil level is essential to your car’s performance. Oil changes are usually recommended at least twice a year, depending on your vehicle’s model and how it’s driven. Oil checks should be done at least once a month, so you can be confident that there aren’t any leaks and that there’s enough oil for your drives around Kettering and Springboro. However, if you notice that your car’s hood is too hot to touch or there’s steam coming out, schedule a service appointment right away, as this can be a sign of an oil leak and the engine is overheating.

How to Reset Oil Change Light

Each vehicle has a different process for resetting the oil change light, but the process remains the same. Keep in mind that you only want to reset the oil change light if you’ve actually changed the oil. If you’ve missed an oil change, this can damage your car in the long run. Learn how to reset the oil change light below:

  • Turn all systems of your car off, but leave the engine running.
  • Find the “reset” button or stick on the dashboard (typically found near the speedometer and fuel gauge).
  • Hold the button down until the oil change light begins to flash (sign of resetting may differ per vehicle).
  • Turn the ignition off, wait a few seconds, then turn your car back on.

The oil light should be reset, but if you have any additional questions, feel free to contact our service center.

Trust the Bob Ross Buick GMC Service Team to Service Your Vehicle!

Whether you need a routine oil change or major repairs, you can trust the factory-trained technicians at the Bob Ross Buick GMC service center to handle all of your vehicle’s servicing needs. Be sure to explore our service specials, and don’t hesitate to reach out to our team for expert advice on keeping your vehicle performing at its best.


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