Does AC Use Gas?

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Does car AC use gas? You’ve probably heard the rumor – using your Buick, GMC air conditioning system on your next road trip is going to significantly impact your car’s fuel economy. How much gas does AC use, really? The air conditioning system uses gasoline, just like other features, and is powered by the alternator. This, in turn, is powered by the engine. Here, the team from theBob Ross Buick GMC service center covers the reasons why AC uses gas, how much gas does AC use, and what you can do to boost gas mileage when you hit the Kettering road this summer.

How Does AC Use Gas and Work At All? 

Whatever make and model of vehicle you drive in Springboro, the air conditioning system works in the same way. Your Buick, GMC model will utilize a high-pressure gas called refrigerant to power the AC, the following parts:

  • Compressor – Compresses the refrigerant into a fluid, allowing it to flow freely to the condenser. 
  • Condenser – Lowers the temperature of the refrigerant and sends it to the expansion valve/orifice tube. 
  • Expansion Valve/Orifice Tube – Reverts the refrigerant to its original gaseous state and delivers it to the receiver/drier (also known as the accumulator).
  • Accumulator – Lowers the moisture content of the refrigerant and delivers it to the evaporator. 
  • Evaporator – Extracts heat from the air that passes through its core, and transfers the heat to the refrigerant. As a result, cooled air begins to flow from the evaporator. 

How Much Gas Does AC Use? 

You may be surprised to know that using the AC can be more fuel efficient, in some cases, then driving with the windows down! The EPA released information stating that leaving your windows down when you hit highway speeds exacerbates aerodynamic drag. This means your vehicle is working harder to get to higher speeds, harder than it would if you’d rolled up the windows and cranked the AC to get relief from high temperatures in Bellbrook.

How to Improve Fuel Economy on Bellbrook Roads

There are ways to improve your fuel economy when you’re navigating the streets, highways or back roads near Oakwood? Of course you can roll up your windows while you cruise the highways, but here are some additional tips for saving on gas when you’re driving around town:

  • Brake gradually
  • Avoid idling for longer than 30 seconds 
  • Use a sunshade when parked in direct sun
  • Use high-quality engine oil
  • Don’t pack too many heavy items 
  • Ensure proper tire alignment and inflation
  • Reduce speed and drive in a higher gear 

Learn More About Fuel Efficiency with Bob Ross Buick GMC! 

If you still have questions regarding your vehicle maintenance, repairs or efficiency, the team at Bob Ross Buick GMC has your back! You can contact us and speak with one of our experienced technicians about your vehicle, or visit us in Centerville to schedule service for brake pad replacement, tire rotation, and more.

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