Who Owns Buick? Your Buick Questions Answered

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Looking for a luxury car isn’t always the most straightforward process, but here at Bob Ross Buick GMC, we strive to make it easier. If you’re comparison-shopping luxury vehicles, you might be wondering about the brands you’re comparing and who their parent companies are, if any. If you’re shopping for a Buick, you’ll be glad to know that this luxury auto manufacturer is owned by General Motors or GM.

Accordingly, new Buick models like the SUVs and crossovers we sell here at Bob Ross Buick GMC are all backed by the assurance that comes with owning a GM vehicle. Now that you’ve seen who owns Buick, learn more about the history of Buick and their current lineup with Bob Ross Buick GMC.

Buick Company History

You could say Buick has been around the block in Kettering a couple of times. The automaker began producing vehicles in 1903 during a period where a whole lot of automotive innovation was going on. As such, Buick incorporated and moved from Detroit to Flint, Michigan, in 1903. It went on to create the Buick Model B, its first vehicle. By 1923, Buick had produced its one-millionth vehicle just in time for its 20th anniversary.

Over its initial 20 years, William C. Durant, the owner of Buick made it the best-selling automobile brand in the United States! Durant also founded GM in 1908 out of a desire to acquire other brands that would appeal to all economic groups in the United States. Buick was set to be a high-end brand, which it has been ever since.

Is Buick a luxury brand? As we’ve said above, yes it is! Just take a look at Buick luxury cars over the years like the Super, Buick Roadmaster, Buick Special, Buick Riviera, Buick LeSabre, and the Buick Regal. More modern examples include the Buick Encore GX and Buick Envision.

Where Are Buick Cars & SUVs Made?

Buick is an American auto manufacturer, but where are Buick vehicles made? The brand operates manufacturing centers in a variety of places across the United States and beyond, including Canada, China, South Korea, and Germany.
Are Buick Models Considered Luxury Vehicles?
Yes. All new Buick models like the Encore and Enclave SUV and are luxury vehicles and include features such as:

  • Beautiful wood tones and brushed chrome accents
  • QuietTuning™ technology
  • Rear Cross-Traffic Alert and Lane Change Alert
  • Available perforated leather-appointed seats
  • And more!

Experience a Luxurious New Buick Today!

Now that you know who makes Buick and who owns Buick, not to mention more about the Buick company history, we invite you to discover our selection of new Buick models online or in-person here at Bob Ross Buick GMC when safe. Then, when you’ve found a vehicle you like, apply for financing online! If you have any other questions, just contact us.

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