What is MPG?

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Looking to save money on gas in the midst of current gas prices? Are you interested in buying a new or pre-owned Buick, GMC vehicle from our Centerville inventory? Understanding your ideal MPG and what is a good MPG can help you choose the best vehicle for your needs. Learn more about what MPG is, good fuel economy ratings, and the ideal level of fuel consumption for your lifestyle with the experts at Bob Ross Buick GMC below! 

What is MPG?

So, what is MPG exactly? MPG is the acronym for miles per gallon, which is the distance in miles that a vehicle can travel per gallon of fuel. If you are interested in a vehicle with higher fuel efficiency, this is the single most important factor. The higher the MPG, the better the fuel economy and the more you can save on your Springboro commutes.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is the government entity that provides the certification and classification of a vehicle’s MPG ratings through extensive testing. In some cases, such as sitting in congested traffic and varying road conditions, it can be difficult to measure fuel consumption. In these cases, the EPA runs tests on a variety of driving courses, then averages the scores, and assigns ratings based on three different categories:

  • City MPG: This is the average MPG rating for urban driving conditions. City drivers typically consume more fuel due to frequent stopping and starting, scoring and testing take this into consideration. 
  • Highway MPG: This measurement is the average MPG rating for driving on highways or long stretches of road, and is typically higher than in cities due to the long distances between stops. 
  • Combined MPG: This is a combination of both highway and city fuel economy ratings.

How Can I Calculate the MPG of My Buick, GMC Vehicle?

If you aren’t sure what your vehicle is actually consuming, you can easily calculate your own gas mileage. Simply follow the steps listed below to determine how many miles per gallon you’re getting and see how you can budget better at the pumps in Bellbrook: 

  1. Fill your tank up with gas and reset your trip odometer. 
  2. Drive around Oakwood until your gas tank is almost empty.
  3. Take your odometer reading (the number of miles you’ve driven since your last refuel). Divide this number by the total number of gallons it takes to fill your tank with gas. 

The combined MPG ratings will typically provide the most accurate measurement of your real MPG since many Oakwood-area drivers often commute in and out of urban areas. This can provide a lot of variety in your weekly consumption. 

How Can I Reduce My Own Fuel Consumption? 

With the help of Bob Ross Buick GMC, you can choose from one of our fuel-efficient models for your Beavercreek-area drives. Even with our great options like the Buick Encore or Buick Encore GX or GMC Canyon, gas prices are high and drivers who want to save on trips to the gas station are looking for any way they can. Here are some steps you can take to save money:

  • Switch to an ECO or ECON driving mode if it’s available to optimize your fuel consumption.
  • Schedule service appointments on a routine basis as recommended by your manufacturer.
  • Use cruise control to maintain a steady speed on OH highways.
  • Use the recommended fuel for your vehicle.
  • Plan longer distance journeys in advance to avoid wasting gas backtracking, missing exits, etc. 

Upgrade to a More Fuel-Efficient Model with Bob Ross Buick GMC!

So, what is a good MPG for a Buick, GMC vehicle? How you drive, how often you drive, the conditions in Kettering any given day, and your gas budget all factor into what this will mean for you. When you are interested in exploring our inventory of fuel-efficient models, be sure to contact us at Bob Ross Buick GMC to discover the model that’s best for you! 


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